US/CANADA: Free USPS Ground shipping; Mexico/Rest of Americas/Europe: Free USPS Ground shipping for orders over $75; Asia/India/Pacific/Australia/NZ: Free USPS Ground shipping for orders over $160


- We ship from Los Angeles, California within 3 business days

-Please make sure to use the correct address and required information. We won’t replace orders sent to the wrong recipient or location.

-We don't charge for handling


-We don't charge a shipping fee  within US and Canada when shipped with USPS ground 


-We don't charge shipping to Americas (other than US) and to Europe for orders more then $75 when shipped with USPS ground


-We don't charge shipping to Asia/Pacific/Australia/NZ region for orders more than $160 when shipped with USPS ground.


-We charge DHL express address based rates for expedited deliveries.


-We are not responsible for import fees (taxes) incurred in the country you are located.




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