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Being born in Venezuela I have always known about the beautiful work the Wayuu people make. I have been in awe of the colors, motifs, and skills presented in their wares. In 2018, I had the opportunity to start working with the Wayuu people. This has been an exciting venture as it fulfills several aspects important to me: introducing their beautiful handcraft to a new market, and helping this community receive a steady income from the sale of their wares.

As of right now, we are working with a cooperative of about 40 Wayuu women in Riohacha, Colombia, a village in Uribia, Colombia, and several other individuals recognized by their workmanship and skill. In our designs, we mix our life experiences with Wayuu life to create a mix of traditional and novel, a multicultural concept.

We also work in partnership with Helping Children in Venezuela, a Los Angeles based organization that contributes food, medicine, clothes, and other needed items to several at-risk communities in Venezuela.