Lisset Wuitusu Founder Picture

Nice to meet you!

I'm Lisset, and being born in Venezuela I have always known about the beautiful work the Wayuu people make. I have been in awe of the colors, motifs, and skills presented in their wares. In 2018, I had the opportunity to start working with the Wayuu people. This has been an exciting venture as it fulfills several aspects important to me: introducing their beautiful handcraft to a new market, and helping this community receive a steady income from the sale of their wares.

As of right now, we are working with a cooperative of about 40 Wayuu women in Riohacha, Colombia, a village in Uribia, Colombia, and several other individuals recognized by their workmanship and skill. In our designs, we mix our life experiences with Wayuu life to create a mix of traditional and novel, a multicultural concept.

We also work in partnership with Helping Children in Venezuela, a Los Angeles based organization that contributes food, medicine, clothes, and other needed items to several at-risk communities in Venezuela.

We have also partnered with The Wayuu Taya Foundation, an organization that for more than 18 years has been providing with education, health,  and food to the most vulnerable members of the Wayuu community. Each $50 purchase from Wuitusu helps feed 5 Wayuu children.

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