Wuitusu Holiday Gift Guide

 One of the things I love during this time of the year are the different holiday guides that help us come up with ideas for presents for the different special people in our lives. Well, I am happy to present to you a gift guide that does good!!! All the products here are handmade by our Wayuu partners in Colombia and Venezuela and the purchase of these products mean income for them. Also, you will be supporting a small business in these though times. Finally, these are unique products, so you know that the person who you will give it to will not have something like it! All wins, so let’s start!!

Your mom:

For the woman who gave you life and who still worries when you go out, give her a beautiful short handle bag. The body is hand crocheted and then weaved straps are added. She can close the bag all the way with the strings, and pompoms are added for a final touch (pompoms are a sign of status among the Wayuu people). It will fit perfectly under her arm and it will fit all her belongings!


Your dad:

I find that it is difficult to buy presents for men in general. If you are like me, I would advise a hand-made weaved wallet. It represents hundreds of years of tradition and it is truly a labor of love!


Your sister:

She has been “borrowing” your stuff forever, so gift her her own Wuitusu Wayuu Crossbody! Wayuu people have been wearing these crossbodies for centuries, so it is a true and tested design! It is incredibly comfortable: the thick strap does not hurt your shoulder, and the bag goes ergonomically from shoulder to hip.



Your husband:

Gift hubby a super-comfortable hand-weaved strap that will replace the shoulder-crushing one in his briefcase! You can choose from an elegant black and white or choose a bit of color. The strap will stretch a bit with use, so do not worry if you think it is too short at first.




 Your daughter:

Full of energy, she goes from one hobby to the next, from one event to another. Her tastes might change all the time, but she will definitely appreciate a medium-sized Wuitusu Wayuu bag. You can choose a unicolor one, or give her one with design. You can explain to her that colors and designs have meanings, which makes whatever bag you choose for her, a special one!



Your son:

My son cannot find stuff that is truly in front of him. If that is the case with your boy, give him an exclusive Wuitusu Wayuu keychain. Its size and colors will make it easy for him to find his keys (I hope).




Your mother-in-law:

Give her a bag she will find flawless! Our XL punch needle bags are truly works of art. To make them, the artisan draws the design and then fills the space with knots. Truly a labor of love, even the bottom of the bag receives extra attention. They are all lined in the inside, to make them more exquisite.



Your grandma:

A thoughtful gift for grandma is a crocheted half-moon clutch. She can keep it in her handbag and use it to carry her keys, medicine, or important stuff she wants to reach easily. We have dozens of designs to guarantee you will find one she loves.



Your niece

We have beautiful items for little girls. Any little girl would enjoy a “my first Wayuu” mini bag. They are small, but they encompass all the beauty of a full-size Wayuu bag.



Your best friend

You must gift her a punch-needle clutch!! They are exquisite and so chic! She can keep it inside her big bag and use it when she does not want to carry everything. With dozens of designs, you are sure to find one she will love!



Your fur baby

Of course he needs a present!! We have exclusive Wuitusu Wayuu leashes in 4 different colors: pinks, blues, browns, and multicolor. They were made for small and medium dogs, and they are truly especial!!




After finding the right present for everyone, you need to treat yourself! A one-thread Wayuu bag will do the trick! One-thread bags are the ones the Wayuu people make for themselves, so they show their skills when making them. They have tons of detail, last for generations, and take one month to make!



 Still unsure what to buy for a gift? How about a gift card? Click here for the gift card option