Wuitusu's Social Conscience

Wuitusu's Social Conscience

As I started to develop the idea of this online store, I knew that giving back was going to play an important role in its foundations. There are people out there that need our help, right now.

I decided that part of Wuitusu's profits were going to be donated to communities in need. Besides the direct monetary contribution, I was going to contact individuals who wanted to help, too. Today, we donated food, medicine, and new and gently used clothes and food to Helping Children in Venezuela www.facebook.com/helpingchildreninvenezuela , a non-profit located in Los Angeles, California.

Conditions in Venezuela have deteriorated drastically and the children and the elderly have been greatly affected. Helping Children in Venezuela runs collection drives and sends the donated material to individuals who need them. Many people have been aided by this organization. Please, visit their facebook page to learn more about their important labor.

I want to thank everyone who bought a product from Wuitusu.com. Your purchase will help others in need. I also want to help all my friends who donated money, food, and clothes. You are wonderful. 

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