mandala made with wayuu clutches and wayuu sandals

Wuitusu Wayuu Wearables in your Wedding!

Wayuu items are perfect bridesmaid gifts because they are handmade, unique, and meaningful. Wayuu items are products of the Wayuu indigenous people of Colombia and Venezuela, who have a long-standing weaving tradition that represents their culture and identity.

Wayuu items include crossbodies, clutches, hats, sandals and more. They are all meticulously hand-stitched with creative patterns and beautiful color combinations. Each Wayuu item is a one-of-a-kind creation that tells a handwoven story and expresses the personality and wisdom of its maker. The item you choose can match the theme of the party or can be personalized.

By giving a Wayuu item, you are not only supporting the livelihood of the Wayuu communities, but also sharing a piece of their rich heritage and artistry with your friends.

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