WUITUSU First Summer 2020 Photo shoot

WUITUSU First Summer 2020 Photo shoot

Behind a Photoshoot:


Have you wondered what it takes to create those beautiful pictures you see in fashion magazines? It is not as easy as you might think. We had a photo shoot two days ago, and the preparations started weeks in advance.

Always wearing the mask!
First, we had to decide the type of photo shoot: lifestyle (day-to-day) or editorial (more artistic). We settled for lifestyle and then we had to decide location and outfits. After choosing the beach (hello! California here), we spent some hours coming up with outfits to showcase our merchandise. In the meantime, the photographers were going through some choices, too. Which cameras to use? Natural light or flash? Portraits or action shots? The makeup artist also spent time choosing the best looks for the outfits.

Finally, the day came and after driving for one and a half hours, we arrived to our location: El Matador beach in Malibu, California. It was 3 hours of constant frenzy, cold ocean water, and carrying heavy stuff around, but it was so worthy. Thank you to the talented crew, and please enjoy some preview pictures. We will share the pictures soon!!



In Cold Waters

Photography: Mary Carmen Haber @maryhaberphotography

                      Tamar Martinez @tamar_martinezphoto

Hair and Makeup: Sarahai Alvarez @makeupbysarahai

Model: Claudia Server @claudiaserver

Styling: Claudia Server @claudiaserver

             Lisset Verde-Sungur @wuitusu   


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