wayuu girl wearing traditional dress

Traditional Wayuu Women's Dress

The traditional dress of the Wayuu people, an Indigenous group from the Guajira Peninsula, located in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela, is called "Shein Wayuu."

The Shein Wayuu is a long, loose-fitting dress made of cotton, wool, or silk. The dress is usually brightly colored and decorated with intricate geometric patterns, flowers, and animals, which are embroidered. The dress can often be tightened in the inside by using two ties that come from each side of the waist area.

Women also wear a headscarf called "Pannerar," which is made of cotton and decorated with the same patterns as the dress. The Pannerar is worn to protect the head from the sun and sand in the desert environment of the Guajira Peninsula.

Picture courtesy of The Wayuu Taya Foundation


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