Traditional Wayuu Color Combinations - Part 2

Traditional Wayuu Color Combinations - Part 2

Neon Pink Color Combination:

This combination is made of neon pink, aqua, dark brown, light brown, and cream. Warm and cold, it is a customers' favorite. It can be seen on the top left handbag.


Red and Brown:

This combination actually has red, brown, brown, and cream. The brown color symbolizes the land (desert) and the red in the Wayuu blood. So, this is a very powerful color combination. The keychain in the collage has this color combination.


Cream and Oatmeal:

A classic color combination loved by everyone. The crochet mochila bag in the middle of the collage shows this color combination.



The Bright color combination symbolizes a rainbow. All the colors resemble nature: yellow the sun, green is vegetation, pink and orange are flowers. The top right Wayuu bag displays these colors.



The sunrise color combination is so beautiful. It has blue and aqua, orange and brick. My personal favorite. The bottom right handbag is an example of this color combination.

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