Our Pledge

Our Pledge

Can it be done the right way?

Can a production process be ethical, meaning everyone that works in the process is fairly treated and paid, and every step of the trade process is just fair for everyone involved?  Is the production process completely eco-friendly,  not generating any industrial waste? And not to mention that the resulting fashion is very much affordable for the customers?

To check all these conditions is very difficult but also necessary. The world we live in has gone through an intense period of industrialization during the last 2 centuries. As the result, the consumption culture of the whole world has changed. We forgot about the sewing machines in our homes. We toss away our clothes even if they only have a single defect, we don’t think about repairing it. These all lead to larger production volume which leads to bigger waste and pollution. The production process is based on repetitive manufacturing of the same item. The fashion is now for the masses. When you wear a shirt you know that many other people also wear the same shirt. You are not an individual anymore, you are one of many.

Here at Wuitusu, we believe otherwise. We believe that everyone is unique in their tastes. We would like to treat everyone with the especial attention they deserve. For these reason, our items are one-of-the-kind. Our production process is fair and eco-friendly. We don’t believe in mass production. We believe in sustainable fashion. We believe in the uniqueness of each output, and we like the personal touch. This is our pledge.

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