Introducing myself

Hi there,

Lisset here. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my shop. I figure it is always nice to know who you are dealing with, so let me tell you a bit about myself. I have been around the sun a bit more than 4 decades (that's all I am going to say about the matter ;) And I have always loved beautiful things.

I was born in Venezuela, and I have lived in the USA and Turkey. In the USA I have lived in Indiana, Texas, and California, and I have visited many states all over the USA. I love traveling, meeting and having conversations with people from all over the world, and eating...I will try any food at least once.

I am an avid reader. So much so that it has caused me problems with people because they say I prefer books than people. Not true, but books can be an escape and a way of learning. When I was a young teenager I read a book called "Sobre la Misma Tierra" by a Venezuelan writer called Romulo Gallegos. That book allowed me to imagine this group of people we call Guajiros in Spanish. They call themselves Wayuu and I became enamoured of their culture and traditions. 

Growing up I learned that their life can be rough. They live in an area rife with smuggling, and Wayuu children's malnutrition rate is high. I have always wanted to do something to help, but I have been paralyzed by the idea that you needed a lot of disposable money to help others.

I finally decided that is not the case and I want to help, even if it is a bit. I want to sell Wayuu handcrafts to help people learn about this Native South American tribe. I also plan on donating part of my profit to them, and other people who need it. That's why I am excited about this project: people will end up with a high quality, beautiful item, and they will also know they have helped someone else.

I hope you decide to enjoy this journey with me.

Thank you,


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