How to Clean Your Wayuu Bag

How to Clean Your Wayuu Bag

Hi there,

I have been asked this questions several times so far. Wayuu bags are intricate and beautiful works of art and it might be intimidating to take care of them. However, cleaning them shouldn't be complicated.

Wayuu bags are made of acrylic material. This is actually a positive situation as the color will last longer, the bags will be sturdier, and it is easy to clean them. 

First, spot clean them with a bit of regular detergent. If you want to clean the whole bag, you can do so in your washing machine. Just remember to use the cold cycle, and do everything possible to avoid the drawstrings and tassels to get damaged: turn the bag inside out, place strap and drawstring inside the bag, and place your Wayuu bag inside of a mesh laundry bag.

With proper care you should be able to enjoy your Wayuu bag for years!

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