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Handmade Christmas Gifts with Charity from Wuitusu

People of the sun, sand and the wind are the other names of the Wayuu people.  It is thought that they migrated from the Amazon rainforest some 2 millennia ago finding refuge in the arid area across from Aruba in the Caribbean, around the current day Colombia and Venezuela border.

They were  never subjugated by the Spanish Conquistadores when they came to invade their land. They believe when humans do something wrong, God punishes their land. People looking for gold and exploiting the land was clearly wrong for them. They were in continuous war with the Spanish Conquistadores.

Even nowadays, life is tough and it is tougher when you want to stand tall in the face of adversity.

When life is tough you need your mom. That may be the reason why the Wayuu community  is a matrilineal society. They also like to be governed with a feminine touch. If you are the groom, you move into the bride’s village. You carry your mother’s last name. You must accept that your mother knows the best.

Your mom can help you, that’s for sure. But if you are a Wayuu, you also need “Wayuu Taya”. Wayuu Taya means “ I am Wayuu” in Wayuunaiki. This organization extends its healing arms to the Wayuu people. There are so many needs: potable water, food, education and kids’ nutrition to name a few. They are there to help ( https://wayuutaya.org/)

Wuitusu (www.wuitusu.com) is a business in Los Angeles that cooperates with the Wayuu artisans working directly with them. Walekeru, the spider, taught the Wayuu women how to make their crochet bags. Wuitusu brings this beautiful handmade art to the world. These handmade bags, clutches, hats and other accessories make the best Christmas gift.  Every $50 spent with Wuitusu feeds 5 Wayuu kids through Wayuu Taya. If you are looking for a meaningful gift that gives back, look no further.

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