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Wuitusu is proudly supporting The Wayuu Taya Foundation. Every $50 purchase represents 5 nutritional drinks given to Wayuu children through the Foundation. 

The Wayuu Taya Foundation was created by Patricia Velasquez, actress and philanthropist, 18 years ago to help the Wayuu people (and other native communities) living in the border between Venezuela and Colombia. Due to its harsh conditions, and other challenges, these communities face problems like lack of water, malnutrition, lack of health, education and infrastructure. The Wayuu Taya Foundation has worked diligently to help solve these problems. They have created schools, provided medicine, food and water. It is our pleasure to collaborate with them in providing nutritional drinks that have a direct impact on the Wayuu children, since we believe nothing can be achieved without proper nutrition.

We are still donating to Helping Children in Venezuela to help provide nutritious meals to 200-250 people every Sunday.