Different Wayuu Bags

Different Wayuu Bags

When you are ready to purchase your Wayuu bag, you will encounter different ones, and wide ranges of prices. Which one to purchase?

Wayuu bags can be crocheted or done with a punch needle. Colombian Wayuus have specialized in crocheted Wayuu bags, while the punch needle technique is more popular among the Venezuelan Wayuus.

Among the crocheted Wayuu bags, you can find one-thread bags and two-thread bags. The one-thread bags are the ones the Wayuu people wear themselves. They are truly work of arts and it can take up to a month to make them. Two-thread Wayuu bags are more popular and can be done in 7 to 10 days. 

No matter the type of bag, a Wayuu bag is a special object, where both color and design have meanings, and they represent the culture of an amazing group of people.

Which bag is your favorite?

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