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Handmade Crochet Wayuu Unicolor Face Mask in 19 Different Colors

Handmade Crochet Wayuu Unicolor Face Mask in 19 Different Colors

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Covid-19 has affected everyone worldwide. Our Wayuu partners have also been deeply affected economically since they depend on visitors to buy their bags, or companies like us to place large orders. Since we are all in quarantine and the stores are closed, they are not seeing the daily sales they depend on.

 Here in Wuitusu we decided to create, with our Wayuu partners, non-medical face coverups that can be used when having to leave your house. The cover-ups have 3 layers: the outside layer made in the bright colors traditional of Wayuu art and synthetic fiber, the layer closest to the skin made of surgical cloth, and a removable filter made of polyester hydro knit. The loops are crocheted, which makes it easier on your ears, if you have to wear the cover-up for a long time. Knitted loops also allow you to knot them if they are too long, allowing for a better fit.



Our products are washable. You can wash them in the washer machine or by hand. If you wash them in the washer machine, place them in a laundry bag, and use warm water. If washing them by hand, lather them for at least 20 seconds, and let them soak for 15 min. Rinse your cover-up really well to get rid of any trace of detergent. To dry, hang them. Use advantage of the sun and air-dry them under it.



 We hope you like our face cover-ups. They are the result of brainstorming ways to help our Wayuu partners in a positive way, by having them create an useful item that will provide a way for them to support themselves in this uncertain time. There is an automatic 33% discount when you buy 5 masks or more (price becomes $10 for each mask). 






Care Instructions

Your Wuitusu Wayuu items should be kept safely in stitlrage when not in use to maintain their beauty and durability.

It is better to handwash your Wuitusu Wayuu items, however, they can be machine washed. Place them in a mesh bag to protect their tassels, pompoms, and drawstrings. Use the delicate cycle and cold or room- temperature water. Air dry them.

You should be able to use you Wuitusu Wayuu items for many years if you take good care of them.